Beyond Academics

Another feature which makes IME a unique college is its consciousness towards social responsibility. While the core business of any academic institutions is to provide education to its students, we feel that any educational institution also has certain social responsibilities. At IME, this realization takes the form of various activities carried out by the colleges of IME with the active involvement of its students. IME has organized numerous activities to fulfill its social responsibilities. Each college believes in inclusive growth and is conscious of its social responsibilities. They undertakes a number of activities to meet these objectives as well as to make its students good citizens and responsible members of the society. In rural villages IME organizes ’Legal Camps’ in addition to ’Legal Aid Centre' in campus.


Saving The Environment

IME realizes its duty towards saving the environment which is a victim of mindless development. It fulfills this social responsibility in many ways. Optimum usage of natural resources used by mankind is the basic need of the day to maintain required balance in nature. This theme is our mantra. With the help of its students, IME has carried out plantation of saplings for enhancing greenery to save the environment and demonstrated live on "Food without Fire” etc. The IME believes in practicing what it preaches. As a measure for conservation of the environment, there is a conscious attempt to reduce the consumption of paper as stationary which in turn would reduce the need of cutting trees for making paper. Used stationary blank on one side is reused for taking printouts. IME is spreading awareness on "Prayavaran" by publicity: special calendars, slogan on each IME's Ads and on other printing material.


Blood Donation Camp

Blood donation is a life saving activity. Each blood donation provides life to someone. The IME organizes blood donation camps twice a year in its campus. A large number of donors from students as well as staff donate blood generously during these camps.

Sponsorship To Sports

Sponsorship to Sports The IME sponsors sports and games such as "Special Olympics Bharat , Regional Women's Hockey Tournaments", "Para- Olympics", Sports Meet at National / State Level, Debates, Seminars and Symposium in NCR. The IME has been the main sponsors for the "Special Olympics” held in South Korea.


Financial Assistance

IME provides helps to the needy people at large by donating to PM relief fund, hospitals, handicapped people, children who lost their parents, charitable organizations etc.

Consumer And Investor Protection

The Institute is working with the Society for Consumers & Investors Protection to fight against any wrong being done to consumers or investors.

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